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OCV Control Valves - Global Performance. Personal Touch. - HOME
OCV Control Valves - Focusing exclusively on the design, engineering, manufacturing and application of hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated, and pilot controlled valves. ... global leader in the control valve industry. OCV

Control Valve Handbook
... definitions for common control valve and instrumentation terminology ... 4 describes digital valve controllers, analog positioners, boosters, and other control valve accessories ...

FIELDVUE digital valve controllers for safety-related nuclear applications
... PD analyzes valve and actuator performance while the. valve remains in service ... with FIELDVUE DVCs, the control valve assembly. and/or the process. FIELDVUE. digital valve controllers ...

Control Valves - Digital and Two Stage
Daniel® Control Valves. Modular construction and a common valve body lower user cost. Extremely low pressure drop significantly reduces energy consumption. ... Digital Control Valves provide precise control and smo

Moog Inc - Radial Piston Pumps with Digital Control
... Precise Closed-Loop Control: The new pilot valve with digital onboard-electronics provides more dynamics and ... Analog or Digital Control: The ability to function as a CANopen device ...

PlantWeb News - Emerson Introduces the FIELDVUE® Remote Mounted DVC6005 (HART®) Digital Valve Controller
... DVC6000 Series of Digital Valve Controllers, which are direct-mounted to a control valve. With the DVC6005 ... potentiometer is mounted on the control valve, but the remainder of the ...

... 2D PNEUMATIC DIGITAL SERVO VALVE. Pei Xiang Zheng Jiajin Yang Jilong Ruan Jian ... N. 1985. Digital Flow Control Valve-an Evaluation ...

Valve Controllers, Digital - Europe
... Salzer manufacture specialist control valve products: positioners, pneumatic, digital, I/P converters ... and diaphragm actuators. Control valves flanged, screwed, welded, wafer ...

Moog Inc - Digital Interface Valve
ISSUE Eight. Product Spotlight. Digital Interface Valve. Series D941 Digital Interface Valve with Integrated Microprocessor and Fieldbus Communications ... valve and adapt its characteristics to particular applicati

Valve Positioners
process control valves, digital valve controllers, pressure regulators and field automation systems ... DVC5000f series single-acting digital valve controller is a communicating ... actuated, sliding-stem control

Product Bulletin DVC6000f Digital Valve Controllers
FIELDVUE ® DVC6000f Series Digital Valve Controllers. DVC6000f Series digital valve controllers for FOUNDATIONTM fieldbus are interoperable, communicating, microprocessor-based, digital-to-pneumatic instruments. ..

digital positioner | valve position control | Controlink
digital positioner by Controlink is NEMA 4x, intrinsically safe and non-incendive. ... The ControLink CP710 Series Digital Positioner provides precise valve positioning with advanced performance ... positioner technology with tra

Digital Valve
... SOFTENERS WITH DIGITAL DEMAND REGENERATION CONTROL VALVE. Digital demand regeneration control valve meters actual water ... year limited warranty on control valve and ten-year limited ...

OCV Control Valves - Global Performance. Personal Touch. - Valve Matrix
OCV Control Valves - Focusing exclusively on the design, engineering, manufacturing and application of hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated, and pilot controlled valves. ... Check Valve Pressure Relief Differential Control

Northern Industrial Digital Oil Control Valve and Meter
Northern Industrial Digital Oil Control Valve and Meter - Handles motor oil, gear oil, ATF and more and can be adjusted to dispense liters, gallons, pints and quarts.

Northern Industrial Digital Oil Control Valve and Meter - SHOP.COM
... Auto, Control Valves & Meters, valves, meters, control, digital Northern Industrial Digital Oil Control Valve and Meter ...

Digital Valve
A Digital Valve is an array of parallel arranged flow restrictors-typically sonic nozzles or orifices-each of which operates in an on/off state. ( ... Digital Valve product line is designed and manufactured by Instrutech,

SVI-II Digital Positioner
... Masoneilan SVI-II digital valve positioner provides high performance solutions for any process control application ... for use with any control valve system making it a truly universal ...

Digital Control of a Mobile Air Conditioning System
Digital Control of a Mobile Air. Conditioning System. James Solberg. ME 313 project. Professor N. R. Miller. 5/12/98. Abstract. When automotive air conditioners are started up on a hot day, they are known to create. whistling and hissin

Digital Controller allows precise spray valve control., I J Fisnar Inc.
SVC100 Spray Valve Controller, I J Fisnar Inc. ... operating air and atomizing air to spray valve. Transfer efficiency is maintained ...

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