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Automatic Control Valve provides temperature control., Ogontz Corp.
UHC-TL Automatic Control Valve, Ogontz Corp. ... Archive News Story. Automatic Control Valve provides temperature control. June 23, 2005 - Suited for steam or hot water heater temperature control

Temperature Control Valve -
Compare prices for Temperature Control Valve. searches billions of web pages to find the most relevant information on temperature control valve, and allows...

Flowserve Corporation - Temperature Control
... for installation in cooling water or ... Return temperature control valve BW. Brand: Gestra. Description: Return temperature control valves are used for excellent regulating of large ...

Cash Temperature Regulating Valve
Cash Temperature Regulating Valves, Cash Temperature Regulators, Cash Valve Temperature Regulators for the control of Process and commercial applications. ... as special option. Temperature ranges from -15°F

Temperature Control Valve Suppliers & Manufacturers, Price
Comprehensive suppliers list for Temperature Control Valve ... Temperature Control Valve. BROWSE BY CATEGORY > Instrumentation > Temperature Control Valves ... ALL SUPPLIERS OF Instrumenta

Valve provides pressure and temperature control., Leslie Controls, Inc.
... New AeroTemp Provides Pressure & Temperature Control in One Valve. Leslie Controls' new AeroTemp ... for precise pressure and temperature control in one valve. The AeroTemp combines ...

Temperature Control Valves
Worldwide Sites - Europe, Middle East & Africa - United States - China. Temperature Control Valves ... AMOT valves are used for accurate temperature control of liquids in diverting or mixing service. Three distinct

Flowserve Corporation - Return temperature control valve BW
Return temperature control valve BW. Features. Literature. Related Products. Ready to Buy. Ask a Question. Click to enlarge. Brands: Gestra. Applications: Industries: Standards: Misc: ... Return temperature control

Turkey Fryer Accessories : Sentry Propane Burner Temperature Control Valve
... The Sentry Propane Burner Temperature Control Valve allows you to control the temperature of your ... you use this temperature control valve, you have better control of the temper

... allows users to "dial in" precision water temperature before. stepping in the shower ... bath collections each feature a luxurious. thermostatic temperature control valve that allows ...

Electronic Temperature Control System
100-9 - 100-20. 100-20-1. 100-40 - 100-50-1. 100-50-2. 100-60 - 100-164. SD-213. SD-218. SD-242. SD-243 - SD-244 -

Above Deck Water Temperature Control Valve
Description. Above Deck Manual Water Temperature Control Valve for use with Sloan. OPTIMA. Sensor Operated Faucets. Model. Model MIX-100-A, Optimix. Valve — Stand Alone. Model MIX-110-AA, Optimix. Valve and Trim P

System analysis of a water temperature control valve
... System analysis of a. water temperature control valve. Karl Storck and Dan Loyd ... is an introductory investigation of a water temperature-control valve for domestic and industrial use ...

Temperature Control Valves - Type 56
Type 56-T Sterling Temperature Control Valve. Cooling Valve Only. Specifications. Size: Fluid Pressure Range: Standard Temperature

Turkey Fryer Accessories > Sentry Temperature Control Valve
Turkey Fryer Accessories > Sentry Temperature Control Valve: The Sentry Propane Burner Temperature Control Valve helps control the temperature of your cooking oil in your turkey fryer.

Paint Temperature Control
Accutrol Temperature Conditioning Systems. Precise Finishing Systems designs custom solutions for paint temperature control requirements. ... paint temperature at the heat exchanger outlet and positions a high resolution d - Steam Traps, Steam, Traps, Air Vents, Float Traps, Bucket Traps, Hydro-Balance Valves
Steam Traps, Steam, Traps, Air Vents, Float Traps, Bucket Traps, Hydro-Balance Valves. MARSH, ELBURN, ILLINOIS. Toll Free: 1-800-323-0688. International: 630-365-5400

Hot Water Mixing Valve Control
Reliable and technologically advanced integrated greenhouse control systems. ... Valve Control. Most radiant hot water heating systems in greenhouses use mixing valves to control the temperature of ... using pipe

Valves: Temperature Control |
ThomasNet is the premier industrial resource for Valves: Temperature Control. Find a wealth of information on local & national manufacturers, suppliers & providers of industrial products &...

Mead O'Brien, Inc. - Solutions, Split Range Temperature Control Module
... A customer required a temperature control valve sized for particular flow conditions under normal plant operation ... means of the duty control valve. A single larger valve would result ...

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